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"One of the Key Factors to a consistent, winning Show Dog is the ability to grow and maintain a thick, lush coat..."

How true this statement is!!

During the late 80's, we had tried most of the coat supplements on the market. What we continually found was that for a short period of time these products worked, but in the end they just did not keep the coat in the condition necessary for the extra competitive edge required during stressful periods of training and showing.

Late in 1992, after experiencing little success with a variety of foods and coat supplements, we began to wonder why it was that many dogs have coat problems. It is a well known fact that no matter how good the brand of dog food is, the processes used to make the ingredients into kibble destroys many of the nutrients needed for dogs to grow and maintain their coats in optimum condition. With that in mind, we decided to develop a coat supplement for our own dogs. First and foremost in our minds was to develop an all natural supplement that would not only give our dogs the coats we were looking for, but would also be cost effective compared to other supplements already available.

We researched the ingredients that would give us the desired results, and through some trial and error we finally came up with the "recipe". What a recipe it has turned out to be!!! Within a few weeks of using it on our dogs we began to notice how nice their coats looked and felt. I guess we weren't the only ones either, because judges started noticing too!

Inflight's German Shepherd breeding program began with quality animals and we have continued to breed quality animals, however, with our dogs on Inflight Coat Formula our success in the ring has been phenomenal. We have been asked many times, "What do you feed your dogs? Their coats are so full and lush."

Since Inflight Coat Formula was made available to the public in late 1996, the customer responses we have received range from complete astonishment to outright gratitude for developing something that "FINALLY WORKS". Now that everyone knows what we do for our dogs' coats, it's our customers that are getting the same questions.

Additionally, judges are NOTICING the differences in our customer's dogs too! We know that judging often times comes down to personal preferences. Once a judge has run their hand through the coat of a dog supplemented with Inflight Coat Formula, their initial shock of how luxurious and healthy it feels registers greatly in their minds. They remember that dog! Not only that - dogs on Inflight Coat Formula feel better and SHOW better!

Why we say "Finally, a Coat Supplement that Works!"

  • Inflight Coat Formula provides essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins destroyed in the processing of dog food.
  • Dogs Love the Taste! What’s the point of feeding a supplement if the dogs won’t eat it?! We have received many re-orders, simply because, the dogs have jumped onto counters to get at the product! We get constant raves from our customers, “Our Dogs love your product!”
  • With over 11 Years of continued growth of product sales from new customers who heard about us by WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING speaks louder than any multi-million dollar advertising campaign does! As the word of INFLIGHT COAT FORMULA’s miraculous results gets around, the numbers of satisfied return customers continues to grow.  
  • Based upon the orders we receive, we can almost guarantee the product has been discussed at dog shows or on breed specific email lists.  If you are skeptical, ask about the Inflight Coat Formula on your breed's email list or at your next dog show.
  • Occasionally we get this reaction from some of our customers:

“Dear Inflight:  Please don’t Advertise...I don’t want my competitors to know what I use!”


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