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Why do you need Inflight Coat Formula??

  • You want the Competitive Edge!  Our Products are used by winning dog professionals around the world, including those who have won their National Specialty shows, Westminster Breed, Group and Best in Show.

  • You want your dog to have more coat for an upcoming show, national, circuit?

  • You want to maintain that Top Quality Coat throughout the tough show season?

  • Your girl just had puppies and you want to get her back in coat faster and ready to campaign again?

  • Your dog suffers from:

  • Dry Skin?

  • Bald Spots?

  • Excessive Shedding?

  • Poor Coat Condition?

  • Inflight Coat Formula will help your dog with these problems!!

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    Inflight Coat Formula is an All-Natural dog food supplement specifically formulated to combat these problems and enable your dog to grow the healthiest, most luxurious coat possible.  Developed in 1992 by a top-breeder of winning show dogs and made available to the general public in 1996, this supplement has become the "secret" supplement for winning professional dog people in North America and around the World.

    Best In Show St. Bernard
    BIS Ch. Skydancer's Anne Bonney

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     Tell us about your successes with Inflight Coat Formula!!

    Wins among our customer base include 
    Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show, Group, Breed and Award of Merit 
    winners, numerous National Specialty winners, Top 20, Best in Show, Group 
    winning & placing and too many champions to count.


    Whether you own a top winning show dog or a cherished pet, our supplement will allow your dog to look and perform their best.

    With exception of our banner on Infodog.com, we do very little print or web advertising.

    90% of our customers find us by word of mouth recommendations from their breeders, handlers and friends in the sport.    If you want a recommendation about our product, bookmark our website, then ask:

    "Has anyone heard about that Inflight stuff?"

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    Available in 3 sizes!


    A classic comment from one of our customers in response to a rare ad in a breed magazine:

    "Dear Inflight:  Please stop advertising, I don't want my competitors to know what I use!"

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