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Professional Handler Testimonials
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Best In Show Winning St. BernardThought I would share a new picture of my girl - BIS CH.Skydancer's Anne Bonny.

I love Inflight Coat Formula and will ALWAYS use it!  Gives me the results I need versus any other coat supplement! It brings out the dark rich colors of the her coat and even when she is out of coat, she still looks competive for the show ring!

Bonny is the only saint bitch to win a Best in Show since 2001! Thanks Inflight!

Martin Glover
Professional Handler/Skydancer Saints

Please feel free to use this photo. I use Inflight Coat Formula on all my Saints campaigns. I have had saints in the top 3 in the USA for the past 5 years. I love your product and buy a lot of it. Won't use anything else. LOOK at this awesome coat!!

Marty Glover
P.S. I now have my clients in Ireland buying and using it from you.



"When I was first introduced to Inflight Coat Formula, I was so impressed by the results I got on my own dogs, that I started recommending it to all of my clients. I have received very positive comments from them, no matter what their geographical location. In my professional opinion, this product is the most exciting to come around in a long time."

Bart Bartley (
Professional Handler, Chablis' Shepherds

"Inflight Coat Formula has been one of the best conditioning tools we have used! We insist that all our clients use Inflight Coat Formula! We have been using it for over 5 years and all of the animals that come here to "camp" get put on it with very good results. Inflight Coat Formula, makes their color more vibrant and coat texture easier to work with when grooming. I have had other handler's clients come up to us at shows inquiring what are we doing in the heat of the summer to carry such beautiful healthy coats. I hate to give away any secrets, but one of the things we do is use Inflight Coat Formula! Congratulations on such a great product, recommending it to everyone is our pleasure. It's nice to know it's all natural too!!!!"

The Girlz, Donna Calabrese & Leslie Dancosse (
Professional Handlers, Aramist Shepherds, Pennsylvania

Aramist's Ivana of Kolbrook was crowned Canadian GRAND VICTRIX going Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and BEST OF BREED at the Canadian National Specialty. When Donna and Leslie called to tell us, first they said "Ivana has won the Canadian National!" next was... "SEND US MORE INFLIGHT COAT FORMULA!!!"  She has since gone United States Grand Victrix, and "The Girlz" are one of our best clients!!

"Joann and I have been collectively showing, raising and breeding German Shepherd Dogs for what seems like a life-time. We have both been through tons of "formulas", remedies and advice from fellow handlers, clients and other breeders. We had been hearing for quite some time about the Inflight Coat Formula, but had always been cautious about trying it despite the wonderful things we had heard about it.

Lately, most of our clients had been complaining about their animals blowing coat more this year than in years past. We all had been attributing it to the bizarre weather we all have been experienceing. We finally caught up with Kathaleen in Alabama where she suggested we put one of our own dogs on it and give it a try. The results were Spectactular! Her coat came in within 3 weeks, fuller and richer than it has ever before. We have since put all the animals in our training and conditioning programs on Inflight Coat Formula. Using it in conjunction with our other regimes has produced tremendous results. We have also strongly recommended this product to many of our clients and friends to use in their entire and kennel and house dogs. As for our own two couch potatoes, Sel. Am/Can. Ch. Jakester of Joelle, AOE and Am Ch/Can. Sel. Ch. Mistletoe, their coats have never been so full and healthy. We strongly recommend Inflight Coat Formula for breeders and handlers. Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised."

Tiffany Bartley & Joann Corbin
Professional Handlers, Joelle Kennels

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