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Personal Testimonials
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Professional handler testimonials

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After only one Month on Inflight Coat Formula

Hello Inflight:

I just wanted to share my before and after pictures of my havanese Rein with you!! 1st picture was taken 12/4 before leaving for a one was taken yesterday!!! THANK YOU...........THANK YOU

Hannah Kolzow

             Pictures Coming Soon! 

Good Morning,

I have a 2 year old Samoyed bitch that I love very much and is an amazing show dog. She was entered to show for a major which happens 3 times a year at the most for Samoyeds and right before the show she blew her coat. I was distraught, 3 weeks away and all of her coat is gone!! If you have seen a sammi! My girlfriend told me about Inflight, so I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose.

So I borrowed some from her and placed an order, 3 weeks we competed for the major and took 2nd all three days in our class to the same dog that actually out muscled us (she is an active sled dog) and I have very positive comments from the judges about her coat and how lovely she is. So I kept using the formula, 2 months later in Enumclaw she was gorgeous, she finished her AKC title got Best of Opposite for working sweeps in that show. Next show was the International show and she won a Group 2nd, a Group 1st and  BEST IN SHOW!!!! All of the judges LOVED her, her coat was gorgeous and she looked like a dream! Then we went to Canada and she won Best of Winners both days and the judges said how competitive she is to the number one Samoyed in Canada. The Canadians were happy to see us leave and we went home with beautiful ribbons!! So we took our two week break and are growing beautiful coat right now and are looking forward to going back to the Sammy national in April and seeing what we can do there! I truly believe that the Inflight Coat Formula truly helped make my girl what she is! She is a stunning sammi bitch and is now in great shape!

Also I started using it on my 12 year old golden retriever and he gets compliments all the time on what a gorgeous coat he has and he took Best Reserve Veteran 2 shows at the International Show!

Marci Stadiem and Lulu and Jake

Australian Shepherd wins on Inflight Coat Formula

I am not usually one to write testimonials, but I make an exception for your product. Everytime I show him I get several comments on the quantity, quality and luster of my Australian Shepherd's coat. He is a black tri, and plays outside constantly in the sunshine, with his friends that come for daycare. His coat used to have a slightly reddish off color, from the sun, I assumed. I started him on Inflight, and that disappeared! His coat is so dense, black and healthy, and shines like crazy. One judge told me last weekend, as she awarded him BoB, that if her dogs had his coat, she would be showing right now, instead of judging!

On Inflight, at about 2 years of age, he finished both his ASCA and AKC Championships and has taken numerous breed wins over much more mature dogs, won an AOM at AKC Nationals, qualified for Crufts, and earned a place in the Merit Finals at the ASCA Nationals coming up next month.

Thank you so much for a product that truly DOES what it says it will do!!

Mary Arnold
Bit O'Blarney Pet Services
Home of AKC/ASCA Ch. Heatherhill Dazzle Me Montana

The Solstice Cardigans do great on Inflight! Thanks for a great product, we live in the HOT desert but the dogs are still in coat when they are on Inflight. Our newest champion PJ (Ch. Mariel's Flying Spirit) finished from the puppy classes with a great coat. Thanks! 

Jinnie Strickland 
Solstice Shorthairs and Cardis, El Paso, TX


Here is a testimonial for you. Thought I might share it with you. I have an Old English Sheepdog that was naked. I put him on Inflight and have used Naked Care!!! Here  These are the pictures that this person is talking about.

Thanks for a great product. I had a nice win last week up in Massachusetts !!!

Annie Hubbard-Alexander 

A response Annie received when she posted to one of the email lists she is on:
"Holy ****!!  What hair growth formula did you use???? Is that the same dog???......"

UPDATE:  "Bailey" took back to back majors at Greenville, South Carolina. The next weekend he finished under Breeder Judge Bob Caswell in Suffern, New York! We're off to Special Ch. Adominos Baileys Cream O The Crop with my container of Inflight and mix of Naked Care!



I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your product.  I show and rescue Collies and although I don't need to grow more coat on my show Collie I want to let you know that I have been using it on a Collie I am fostering For Tri State Collie Rescue and healed from Demodectic Mange.  I like to use Conventional meds and Holistic Meds when I heal the hard cases.  Jasmine a tri collie that I had checked a few weeks ago to be negative for the mites I am proud to say she is cured.  I put her on your Inflight Coat Formula and I tell you what.  With her high Immune diet and now the Inflight formula I can see a visible difference in her coat EVERY week.  Its amazing what she is transforming into.  What a great product and am referring it to all my show friends.  Thanks for being one of the many hands in making this girl beautiful again.    Pam Moore a Distributor for Inflight in Michigan Donated your product for Jasmine's cause. 

Tim Beard - Majestic Collies


Hello, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your product. I can't believe the difference its made in my dogs coat. I started giving my Havanese Inflight Coat Supplement in May at a time when he hardly had any coat. He only needed 6 points to finish and wasn't getting any wins. After being on the supplement for just TWO months I'm happy to say he is now a champion and finished in two consecutive shows with a five and a four point major! Here is his championship photo. Ruth H


Hello!  Just writing to tell you that I am very happy with your product! I put my Tibetan Spaniel Bart (CH Glenmar Vestal Iron Butterfly) on the supplement last year. He grew a huge and beautiful coat. His ear fringes were close to 3 inches long! I took him off the supplement after he retired from the ring. He had a major shed (normal for a male Tibbie of his age) and I neglected to put him back on it afterwards. I noticed that when it came back in it wasn't as luxurious as it was before. Then it hit me! He wasn't on the supplement! Needless to say I have put in an order for it today and eagerly await it to come! :) I plan on putting his 2 daughters on the supplement as well! Thanks for a great product! Here's a picture of Bart before his big shed in all his glory! 

Lindsay Vest
Glasgow, KY USA
Visit my Tibbies on the WWW:


Hello, I just wanted to write and let you know that I never dreamed that this supplement could do what it has done for my dog. I had tried everything on my boy, spent enormous amounts of money on things that just didn't work, well all I can say is WOW. My dog went from being naked to having ( I'm almost afraid to say it) too much coat. 

I haven't shown my dog in almost a year after receiving his Championship, and in his first show out he made the cut for Breed at our Nationals in April 2005. I can't wait to show him to see what he can do. Thank you for making me one happy lady!!!

From another email:  We are entered in our first all breed show since he has regained his coat. This will be his first show as a Champion. In the first pic is my dog after starting to re-grow his hair, he was NAKED!! He actually looked good here compared to what he was!!!!   2nd pic is us at the Nationals 4 weeks later, he is the 3rd dog in the pic,  his sire is the #1 Chow in the country for the last 4 years.  I was so happy I entered him, I almost didn't, he had been taking the Inflight for about 2 months when I started to see hair coming in, it was within 1 week of the Nationals he was dripping in coat!!! He has more coat now!  Thanks again!!

Webmasters note:  This dog has won 12 Breeds 
a Group 2nd and 2-Group 4th's since as of 09/07/2005


Hello Again
My male "Gabe", Ch. Foggy Mtns Angel In Disguise is on your testimonial page.  Just wanted to let you know that he took Best of Breed at the Salem cluster all 5 days and made the cut & took another Group 4 in a tough group on Weds & Sunday. We showed him again in Greensboro and he took Breed again... Then at Raleigh he took 3 more Best of Breeds and a Group 2nd!  Awaiting canine chronicles to update to see where he is. I just got another tub of Inflight...I am afraid to take him off<G> Tammy,  Hsot Chows

Hello I have a 7 month old golden retriever puppy, JLK High Sierra Golden Sunset, who had no coat and in just two weeks she has gone from no coat to a beautiful thick coat. I am including pictures that where taken on the 3rd of June I got your product on the 11th of June and took some pictures on the 27th of June and her coat has doubled at least, her tail has tripled the amount of coat it had. I am a really big skeptic of products claiming to help improve coat but this product works. I am a professional dog groomer and I am so impressed with the way her coat has grown that I have recommended it to my clients and they will be ordering it. I am going to be putting not only my show dog but my pets on it as well. Thank you for a product that works I could not be happier. 

Jana Knodel 


Professional handler testimonials

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