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Professional handler testimonials

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Multiple Breed and Group Placing Ch. BluGrass Friendly aka "Wager". 2000's #17 Breed and Group Shar-Pei and the CSPCA's Grand Futurity winner in 2000. "Wager" was slow to get his coat back into show condition after blowing his puppy coat. When you have handlers, shows and advertising on the line, getting him competitive was very important. Someone on the internet suggested I try INFLIGHT and it wasn't more than three weeks later I noticed a big improvement. In fact, several competitors asked me what I was using and I was so reluctant to tell him....why give my competition my 'secret'? But I did. Fortunately Wager still beats them. 


I am more than pleased and have all my show dogs on it, including my other 'special', Multiple Breed and Group winning, Champion Dynamites Political Justice, now being expertly handled by Randy T Benns of Bozeman, Montana. Judge wasn't in need of a coat remedy but put him on this product anyway. I immediately noticed a better appetite and less stress-shedding which is sometime common in the Shar-Pei. Randy is pleased with Judge's appearance and ease of care. So, for now, it's INFLIGHT for all my show dogs.

Thank you for such a great product!

Ellana L Clarke



A few months ago I contacted you asking for some information on Inflight Coat Formula--I had wondered if you'd had any success with Bearded Collies being on the formula. Although you hadn't had any feedback from Beardie folks, you told me you'd had great success with other breeds with regards to putting good coats on dogs. I must tell you, I have heard that SO MANY times before in the 10 years I've been showing dogs. Usually I end up spending a lot of money for nothing. But since you actually came right out and said "This product will put coat on your dog" and your product was very reasonably priced, I went ahead and bought some. I was, after all, desperate. My bitch had just whelped a litter of puppies and usually you can kiss every hair goodbye on a Beardie after they've had puppies. This broke my heart because she was two majors away from finishing her championship.


So now, here I am, having gone through almost five pounds of Inflight over the past several months. To say I am stunned with the results is an understatement. I saw results within 3-4 weeks of starting my dogs on the Inflight. The bitch who'd just had the puppies not only stopped losing coat almost immediately, she started absolutely blooming in the most luxurious coat ever. My nine year old bitch who had been sparse in coat for the past couple of years, soon was dripping in coat that has now reached the floor in length. The puppy I kept out of the litter has a wonderfully textured coat that is coming in exquisitely.

Unbelievably, I took my bitch out to a show just a few short months after having puppies and she finished in one weekend with back-to-back majors. I am attaching a photo of our finishing win under Judge Dorothy Nickles. Truth be told, I actually took about 3 1/2" of length OFF her coat the night before we went to these shows.

Of course, word got out that my usually-sparsely-coated dogs had gone through some remarkable transformation and I've had emails from all over the place asking me my "secret". It is very tempting to NOT tell anyone! But it's hard to keep the secret to myself. Inflight has been terrific and I have no doubt you have heard from several Beardie folks and will undoubtedly hear from more as word spreads.

I've got about another 2 week supply left and I'll be putting in another order for myself. Thank you for a fabulous product!

Amber Carpenter
Connemara Bearded Collies

CH. Connemara Quoth The Raven

I want to thank you for your formula. I have a white German Shepard, Cristy. I had so much white dog hair in my house and had to vaccuum everyday. No one could wear black and it was impossible to leave the house without bringing part of Cristy with us. Thanks to your formula after 2 weeks we started to see a remarkable improvement and now after a month and a half there is hardly any hair anywhere! I am enclosing a picture of her! Her coat is so full and beautiful! Thank you!
Katherine Grace

I just wanted to thank you for a product that is outstanding beyond belief.  I have been trying to finish my Australian Cattle Dog bitch since 1997, but due to bad timing of a lease, then a litter of puppies in October 99 and then being re-bred in January of 2000 we just couldn't find that elusive last major!   After whelping 7 puppies in March,2000,  my handler suggested  Inflight Coat Formula to get her coat back  for upcoming shows.  Well we waited for her to wean, then as the coat starting to drop in lumps and clumps we started her on Inflight  June 1st, 2000. 

Well here she is: CHAMPION Hit N Heel Blue Bushwacker--winning her Championship in luscious FULL COAT on July 08th, 2000!!!!  In just 5 short weeks this bitch went from visible skin (she doesn't blow--she literally goes naked) to a luscious, pigment rich coat. The deep color in her coat is beautiful, but to see this in a bitch who had recently weaned a litter AND lives outdoors in Southern California with temperatures around 100 for 2 weeks during this time is absolutely amazing!

I will use this for my show dogs in the future and want to thank you for putting together such a great product!!

Denise Frick

Hit N Heel Blue Bushwacker

"It has been my pleasure to use and recommend your product to trainers, judges and the everyday dog owner. So many times you use products, that you question, "is it the dog food or the supplement?" But not with Inflight Coat Formula. It is amazing how quickly it made a change in my dog's coat. Chow's are notorius for shedding and dumping their coat at a moment and reason known only to them, and when you are showing you need all the aces you can to ensure it is not going to happen at the wrong time.

Xing Before Inflight Coat Formula

Xing after Inflight Coat Formula - Best Opposite Sex

(See Xing Before Inflight Coat Formula) With Xing (Pictured in full coat while on ICF) on Inflight Coat Formula, I have found that she not only has kept her coat, but that it is richer, fuller and more luxurious than ever. In fact, you wouldn't even believe it's the same dog! Even my trainer and handler are now recommending Inflight Coat Formula, because, It really Works!!"

Anita Bjurman,
Wutao Chows (

From Tacoma's Best News
"Coat Problems?

Tired of your dog shedding all over the house regardless of the season? Does he have thin, lackluster coat? Dry skin? No undercoat for winter? We may have a solution.

Inflight Kennels Reg'd of Gig Harbor, WA has been formulating a coat conditioner for their German Shepherd Dogs for over 4 years. The stress of heavy showing and traveling necessitated a supplement to their dogs diets to stabilize the coat and skin. The product has very recently been made available through limited distribution.

We at Tacoma's Best Grooming have been chosen by Inflight Coat Formula's sales representitive to carry the supplement for resale. I know what you're thinking, you've tried everything and have given up hope. Not so fast, we tested the stuff ourselves and here's what happened:

Nook: To know him is to love him. He is 80lbs of fun loving German Shepherd. His shedding was incredible, this dog had literally no undercoat. He was bald, but still found a way to shed all over his owner's beautiful ivory sofa. We asked his owner Stacy, to try Inflight Coat Formula and let us know what happened. Two weeks later he arrived for his bath and we couldn't believe our eyes. This dog had tripled his coat in TWO WEEKS!

In the past when we've groomed him, Nook was brushed and brushed and brushed and brushed and he still had coat falling out on his way out the door. Not this time---we only got a small handful of hair! His owner was thrilled with not only his lustrous coat, but that she hasn't had to vacuum every single day, like before.

Sound interesting? Stay tuned, we have several more pets to report on in the upcoming newsletter. In the meantime, if you'd like to try Inflight Coat Formula, stop by the salon. 1 pound will supplement a large dog for over a month. Smaller breeds will use the pound over a 3 month period."

(Tacoma's Best Grooming's Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 2, October 1996)

"Before we started our housedog, Aloha on Inflight Coat Formula she was bald. She had an allergy. Expensive dermatologists, medication and treatments had failed. Her beautiful color had disappeared about six months earlier, her tail could compete with that of a rat and what little hair she had was coarse and dry.

Now, after one month of a weekly bath and the use of Inflight Coat Formula, Aloha has her beautiful pigmentation back, and her coat is plush and shiny. Her tail? Full and long. We feel that Inflight Coat Formula really worked for her!"

Joseph and Clary Douwes,
Omega Kennels, Bothell, Washington.

"While chatting online, I noticed several people praising the results that they were having with some coat formula. I was interested, but I didn't want to buy yet another proclaimed "miracle worker" until someone I knew personally could vouch for it. Well it didn't take long before fellow Georgia & GSD friends Danny & Lori Craig were raving about it. That did it, I was determined to try it.

The National was coming up soon and the word online was that it would be for sale there. Being the procrastinator that I am, I waited until the last day of the National to even look for it! I went the booth several times that day, but Kathleen was busy doubling her soon to be 1996 Grand Victrix! It wasn't hard to find her after the Grand Victrix was chosen - she was the lady jumping up and down with the total look of disbelief and exhilaration on her face. I easily ran her down and purchased my first pound before she could get away!

I too was able to come home beaming, as my recently purchased puppy, Chilmarks Caleche by Chanel, went 2nd 6-9 Puppy Bitch at the National. She looked and performed wonderfully, but she didn't quite have the coat that I would have liked on her. I immediately put her on Inflight Coat Formula and within a few short weeks she had the most full, plush, healthy looking coat I've ever had on one of my dogs.

Recently, I sent Caleche to her handler for training and conditioning for the upcoming show season. I received a late night call to let me know she arrived ok, and was told that I had her "too fat". I was shocked as I knew the dog was in excellent weight when I put her on the plane that morning. The next day, I was called back and told that it was a mistake, she was in fact in good weight - it was her unbelievably full coat which had fooled their eye in the dark!!

My original plan was to only use Inflight Coat Formula on my show prospects.However, I have found that it is SO economical that I am using on ALL of my dogs, including my indoor pet GSD's. If it can put a FULL, healthy coat on an indoor dog in the Georgia heat who has never been in "good coat" since birth - | and I'm here to tell you that it HAS - it can put a coat on just about anything!"

Melissa Campbell,
Melana Shepherds, Georgia

"We are writing you this letter of thanks for coming up with Inflight Coat Formula, a product that has made a significant difference in our dog's coat. We own a blue merle rough collie, Gambit's Jagged Edge ("Jag"), who is 21/2 years of age and just now starting to mature. His coat has been a major factor in keeping him from being noticed as a mature male. The other dog's we have been competing against have these magnificent coats and are around the age of 3.

We heard about your product from a friend of ours that shows and breeds Champion German Shepherds. Her dogs have beautiful coats, so we asked what she and other breeders are doing to keep and maintain the coats on their dogs. She recommended your product, so we had her get some for us to try. Within approximately 3 weeks, we were seeing undercoat coming in and Jag's topcoat was lengthening. All of this started in the middle of summer here in Southern California with the temperatures averaging in the high 90's. We showed him at an All Breed show in September and got our first points towards his championship. We then showed him at two Collie Specialties in October where he picked up a 3 point major and a 2 point minor. And we have just returned from Arizona where we picked up another 2 pt minor, but in doing so, he went WD, BOW, Best of Breed and BEST OF VARIETY! What an accomplishment and great feeling to have your fellow breeders and the judges raving about the beauty of your dog and asking about his beautiful coat.

We are truly happy with the results and have purchased over 100 pounds of your product, some for ourselves and the remainder to share with our fellow Collie fanciers. We thank you for a Great product!"

Randy & Pat Smith,
Pico Rivera, CA

"As we live in the NE, we have always found it difficult to keep the dogs in healthy, plush coats due to the seasonal changes every few months. After the natural process of blowing coat, it was always difficult to get them back to an acceptable coat.

After attending the Florida Circuit this year (another sudden change in temperature) our dog CH. Union Jack, lost his coat again. Our handler, knowing that we were planning to attend the Triangle in Chicago suggested that we try a product called Inflight Coat Formula. We immediately put Jack on this product along with a 6-9 puppy we also planned to take to Chicago and had blown her puppy coat and looking pretty sparce. While we experimenting, we decided to try Jack's brother Ch. Uncle Sam on this product also. We have tried many other "natural" products, why not one more! We were thrilled! In a very short time there was a big difference in their coats. Jack's coat was full an richer than ever. Sky, the puppy had a beautiful full coat including her tail. Sam who has a close coat, now has a thicker coat than we could have imagined. Jack and Sky got a lot of comments on their full, thick coats in Chicago. We suggest you give it a try."

Bob & Sandy Lindsay,
SanBob Kennels (

"When we moved to Southern California in the '50s the first Veterinarian we met assured us the only dog meant to exist south of San Luis Obispo was the Chihuahua - because this is really a desert. Good coats on German Shepherd Dogs were not to be expected. That of course was long before Inflight Coat Formula was created - but now any dog can have a good coat in Southern California if you follow the Inflight Coat Formula regime. Thank you for making it possible.

Tom & Vivian Brown,
Broon German Shepherd Dogs (

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