– Erika R.

Thanks to medicated baths. Inflight coat formula, probiotics, and good food. 3/20/19 after a rescue hoarding situation. To date 7/26/19. Remington was rescued from an animal hoarding situation where he was left shaved in his bum area. On top of the shaved area he had skin infections, ear infections and tartar. He was fed poorly and in deplorable crowded conditions in a home with 50 other dogs.  But he was saved and and landed with me. He now spends his days in a clean/sterilized environment with humans, 2 other dogs & cats, where he is spoiled, trained and played with along with being loved beyond words along with his brothers. Ps all my boys are neutered.

Thank you Erika for your generosity and compassion in saving this lovely animal and for sharing his story with us! ICF

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