What can I expect to see in my dogs coat when I use Inflight Coat Formula?

The benefits of using Inflight Coat Formula (ICF) are many, depending on the breed of dog and why you want to improve their coat. For most dogs, increased shine and healthier coat with reduced shedding are some of the first things you’ll see. As the dogs coat grows in, you may notice it coming in much more quickly than normal for your breed, and for coated breeds, the coat will get fuller. In addition, many customers report the colors of their dog often intensifies. The product does not change genetics, but it will help your dog grow the best coat possible.

How long will it take before I see results?

For most dogs, we start to see a slight difference in as soon as 14 days. It starts off with the coat starting to “feel” better and gets better from there on out. If your dog is an indoor dog, you may see a reduction in the amount of hair you collect when sweeping/vacuuming. As you are doing your regular grooming, you may find that it takes less effort to keep the coat clean and less hair collects in the brush. While the product does work for most dogs, we suggest waiting a full 30 days to see if it’s working for your dog. In addition, in some breeds, the coat may or may not look like it’s getting fuller, until you bathe them. We found this to be true with dogs with coats like German Shepherd Dogs and Labradors, where their coat becomes so healthy that the coat actually functions as nature intended, to the point that when bathing, we had to use a little soap to keep the water from bouncing off. When blowing dry, it was then we saw a big difference.

When can I start my puppy on ICF?

This really is dependent upon the breed and what you are planning on doing with your puppy. Using the recommended serving for weight, the product will not harm a puppy.

  • For larger breeds, especially double-coated breed puppies, we usually don’t suggest supplementing puppies until they have their first adult coat in. This is because there is generally that time period about 8-10 months when they are changing out their “adult-puppy” that it can be very difficult to get that dead undercoat out. If they are on the product, it can be even even worse, because it really stays in there. If you’re aware of this situation and understand that there may be additional grooming to get that old coat out, then supplementing puppies while showing them hasn’t been a problem.
  • If your breed is short haired (large or small), or dogs with coats like English Springer Spaniels, the setters, etc., puppies can be started 4-6 months of age, depending on the given ICF to get and keep them in coat while they are campaigned with great success.

My dog is shedding, when should I take my dog off Inflight?

As you are doing your regular grooming, when you start noticing a larger quantity of undercoat coming out, this can be a signal that your dog is getting ready to blow coat. To speed up the shedding process, we recommend taking the dog off the product until 90% of the shed is completed, then you can put them back on and they will grow their coat in more quickly.

Help! My dog jumped on the counter and ate half a container!

We get 2-3 calls a month with a scenario like this. Many dogs crave their ICF, so please keep it up out of their way! If your dog has inadvertently gotten into too much of the product, the worst we’ve found is that they may get a bit of a loose stool or upset stomach for a day or two. If this happens, a bland diet for a couple of days will often set them straight. As always, if you’re concerned, you should consult your veterinarian.

My dog doesn’t shed, will this product work for my dog?

The product works for all breeds, including non-shedding breeds. What our customers with these breeds tell us is, that it works very well to get the coat to grow out so that it can be trimmed and shaped as desired. They also indicate that they were surprised how quickly the coat came in and found that was necessary to groom a little more often to avoid matting, but they were happy to do so, because they were getting show length coat much swifter. Once the coat has reached the desired length, many have taken the dog off the product to avoid the quick hair growth, but put them back on if they need another boost.

We're breeding our bitch and want to know if we can leave her on ICF?

We generally recommend taking bitches who are being bred off the product. The product will not cause problems for bitches in whelp or the babies, this recommendation is really more for a sense of economy. With the hormones from pregnancy, lactating, and the physical stress of whelping and raising a little of puppies, there’s really not a lot that’s going to keep a bitch’s coat in “prime”; condition. However, once she’s shed her coat after weaning puppies, putting her back on the product will get her growing an optimum coat quickly. We have many customers who have done this with their mom’s and have them back in the ring in record time.

I have a terrier breed. Will this soften the coat?

We have many terrier breeders using this product. They have indicated that the coat is very healthy, but it has not reduced the harsher texture. What they have also said is that the product gets the coat in really nicely, but if you keep them on the product you will need to strip more frequently. Many are using the product to get their dogs coats in, get them stripped and shaped to the desired look, and take the dog off the product, until they need more coat again.

Does this product work on short coated breeds?

Short coated breeds benefit greatly from using the product. The added shine and healthy feel to the coat is amazing. The coats feel like silk all the time and glisten in the light. The increased richness of colors is also amazing, where the blacks are blacker, reds are redder and whites are pristine. The additional benefit is reduced shedding, so those little hairs that weave themselves into everything are so reduced that people are amazed at how little hair they find.