How long will it take before I see results?

For most dogs, we start to see a slight difference in as soon as 14 days. It starts off with the coat starting to “feel” better and gets better from there on out. If your dog is an indoor dog, you may see a reduction in the amount of hair you collect when sweeping/vacuuming. As… Continue Reading →


When can I start my puppy on ICF?

This really is dependent upon the breed and what you are planning on doing with your puppy. Using the recommended serving for weight, the product will not harm a puppy. For larger breeds, especially double-coated breed puppies, we usually don’t suggest supplementing puppies until they have their first adult coat in. This is because there… Continue Reading →


I have a terrier breed. Will this soften the coat?

We have many terrier breeders using this product. They have indicated that the coat is very healthy, but it has not reduced the harsher texture. What they have also said is that the product gets the coat in really nicely, but if you keep them on the product you will need to strip more frequently…. Continue Reading →


Does this product work on short coated breeds?

Short coated breeds benefit greatly from using the product. The added shine and healthy feel to the coat is amazing. The coats feel like silk all the time and glisten in the light. The increased richness of colors is also amazing, where the blacks are blacker, reds are redder and whites are pristine. The additional… Continue Reading →