“One of the Key Factors to a consistent, winning Show Dog is the ability to grow and maintain a thick, lush coat…”


How true this statement is!! During the late 1980’s, Inflight Coat Formula’s developer had tried most of the coat supplements on the market. What she continually found was that for a short period of time these products worked, but in the end they just did not keep the coat in the condition necessary for the extra competitive edge required during stressful periods of training and showing.

Late in 1992, after experiencing slight success with a variety of foods and coat supplements, she began to wonder why it was that many dogs have coat problems. It is well known that no matter how good the brand of dog food is, the processes used to make the ingredients into kibble often destroys many of the nutrients needed for dogs to grow and maintain their coats in optimum condition. With that in mind, she decided to develop a coat supplement for her own dogs.

First and foremost in her mind was to develop an all natural supplement that would not only give her dogs the coats she was looking for, but would also be *cost effective* compared to other supplements already available. After extensive research of various ingredients that would support her dogs ability to grow a great coat and along with some trial and error, she finally came up with the “recipe”. What a recipe it has turned out to be!!! Within a few weeks of using it on her dogs she began to notice how nice her dogs coats were looking and felt.

She wasn’t the only one noticing, because breeder friends and conformation judges started noticing too! Inflight’s breeding program began with quality animals; however, with the dogs on Inflight Coat Formula, their success in the ring was phenomenal. She was asked over and over, “What do you feed your dogs? Their coats are so full and lush.” She kept it her little secret for several successful showing years; however, in 1996 after back to back National Best of Breed wins, Inflight Coat Formula (ICF) was made available to the public. Since then the customer responses received range from complete astonishment to outright gratitude for developing something that “FINALLY WORKS”.

Not only are our customers noticing the difference, but the judges are NOTICING the differences in our customer’s dogs too! We know that judging often times comes down to personal preferences. Once a judge has run their hand through the coat of a dog supplemented with Inflight Coat Formula, their initial shock of how luxurious and healthy it feels registers greatly in their minds. They remember that dog! Not only that – dogs on Inflight Coat Formula seem to feel and SHOW better!