ICF Works!


  • Inflight Coat Formula provides essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins destroyed in the processing of dog food.
  • Dogs Love the Taste! What’s the point of feeding a supplement if the dogs won’t eat it?! We have received many re-orders, simply because, the dogs have jumped onto counters to get at the product! We get constant raves from our customers, “Our Dogs love your product!”
  • With over 2 decades of continued growth of product sales from old and new customers who heard about us by WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISING speaks louder than any multi-million dollar advertising campaign does! As the word of INFLIGHT COAT FORMULA’s amazing results gets around, the numbers of satisfied return customers continues to grow.
  • Based upon the orders we receive, we can almost guarantee the product has been discussed at dog shows or on breed specific email lists. Many top professional handlers not only recommend Inflight Coat Formula, but demand their clients prepare their future charges with ICF. If you are skeptical, ask your friends about Inflight Coat Formula on Social Media, your breeds discussion lists or at your next dog show.
  • Occasionally we get this reaction from some of our customers:

“Dear Inflight: Please don’t Advertise…I don’t want my competitors to know what I use!”

Over the past 2 decades, our customers have been blessed with successful dog campaigns and our customers dogs are a who’s who in the conformation world. The numbers of animals whose show careers have been enhanced using Inflight Coat Formula include prestigious winners such as Westminster Best In Show, World Show Best in Show and innumerable National winners, Best in Show, Group and breed winners and placements from around the world. But it isn’t just show dogs that are the recipients of Inflight Coat Formula’s benefits, many cherished pets also are keeping their owners happy with reduced shedding and housekeeping. We have several rescue organizations that use Inflight Coat Formula to help rehab their charges so that they may be re-homed more quickly once any lingering health issues have been resolved, including those who have suffered from demodectic mange.

– Erika R.

Thanks to medicated baths. Inflight coat formula, probiotics, and good food. 3/20/19 after a rescue hoarding situation. To date 7/26/19. Remington was rescued from an animal hoarding situation where he was left shaved in his bum area. On top of the shaved area he had skin infections, ear infections and tartar. He was fed poorly and in deplorable crowded conditions in a home with 50 other dogs.  But he was saved and and landed with me. He now spends his days in a clean/sterilized environment with humans, 2 other dogs & cats, where he is spoiled, trained and played with along with being loved beyond words along with his brothers. Ps all my boys are neutered.

Thank you Erika for your generosity and compassion in saving this lovely animal and for sharing his story with us! ICF

– Heather C.

I wanted to share some pictures to show how much your Inflight Coat Formula has helped my boy. He’s a retired racing greyhound and had a terrible coat when he came off the track. As you can see he was missing a good portion of the fur on his thighs as well as his butt and stomach. I tried everything to get his fur to grow back in with no luck until I came across your product. His fur started growing back after only a few weeks and was fully filled in after a few months. Everyone comments on how gorgeous and silky his coat is. I definitely make sure to recommend Inflight Coat Formula to all the other greyhound adopters I know.

– Hannah K.

Hello Inflight:
I just wanted to share my before and after pictures of my Havanese “Rein” with you!! 1st picture was taken 12/4 before leaving for a show…………next one was taken yesterday!!! THANK YOU………..THANK YOU

– Val

“I just want to say Thank you!! (since it is Thanksgiving) I am attaching a picture of my Beardie, Paisley. She has been through MANY coat changes, and we have had faith in your product and just kept with it. I am sending two pics…one from a year ago and one taken this past weekend, where she won TWO majors!
Thanks again.

– Ron S.

“I’ve been beyond pleased with the Inflight Coat Formula product. Thirteen years and two exceptional dogs on this product have made me a thankful user. This amazing and natural supplement works as advertised creating a show quality coat in as little as one month and I’m convinced promotes good overall health as well.”

– Guy O.

“I love Inflight. I have two shelties and one is an American and Canadian Champion. Since moving to Hawaii a year ago and being on Inflight, his coat has never been fuller even in Hawaii’s hot a humid weather. He has yet to shed! Judges ask me if I keep him in air conditioned quarters and I tell them “no”! I attribute his abundant and luxuriant coat to Inflight. Thanks for this amazing product.”