Other Products

Naked Care

Developed for the harsh conditions in the Texas weather environment, this conditioner is a must for the show enthusiast. This product is the perfect external compliment to the nutritional benefits your dogs derive from using Inflight Coat Formula. Use Naked Care as an after shampoo conditioner, a daily mist conditioner or just to make your dog s coat “feel MOIST. Your dogs will love it and so will you. When your dog is in that time when you’ve taken them off Inflight Coat Formula because they are in their shed, this product will help boost the quality of the coat. The product replaces the shine and luster of your dog’s coat while intensifying colors. You can literally see the volume of the coat “grow” with the FIRST application. Conditioning without softening, Naked Care leaves the texture natural, yet full bodied. There is no residue and the skin is soothed and healthy. Sold as a 1-pint concentrate to save on shipping, or with Inflight Coat Formula as In & Out Specials.

Armband Holders

Tired of elastic bands cutting into your arm, or worse, breaking and causing you to lose your armband? Need something to secure your armband while doing long sits and downs? Now available – handmade armband holders! Made with durable nylon vinyl and edged with black vinyl trim, these Armband holders are a great value! Fully adjustable using strong webbing, elastic, hook & loop fasteners and sturdy d-rings. Will fit 10″ – 17″ comfortably and securely.

Belly Bands

Many male dogs “mark” their territory inside the house as well as outside. It is a natural and common thing for them to do. Unlike a diaper, the Belly Band does not fit between the legs, but wraps around the boy’s tummy with extra protection in the important area. Made of a triple thick, soft terry cloth, they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash. The Belly Band has a wide Velcro strip for quick removal when your dog is going outside and it takes only seconds to put back on when your dog comes in. Now you can have complete confidence in your dog when he is out of your sight. You can feel comfortable while riding in the car or visiting family and friends. Belly Bands help put a stop to additional “doggie odor” and make your dog feel more secure knowing he will not be yelled at or punished. Available in 5 sizes, and a variety of colors.

Designer Grooming Aprons

Grooming aprons that offer stylish protection! Keep your clothes clean while grooming your dog and look good while you do it! Made of heavyweight 100% pre-shrunk cotton drill for durability. Edging, and deep pockets are created from designer 100% cotton. Fully adjustable neck and back using Velcro fasteners and sturdy D-rings. 36″ long – 34″ wide. Handmade by professional seamstress.

Grooming Table Covers

Stop struggling with the towel on your table! Grooming table covers are handmade using high quality Velour Stretch Terry. Secures snugly to the table with elastic and an adjustable toggle, these table top covers make grooming easier for you and your dog!

  • Provides secure footing for your dog whether jumping up or standing on the table.
  • Will not blow off or move while you groom unlike a regular towel. Actually helps secure a regular towel to the table as well.
  • Eliminates blow-back of water from the table back onto your dog while force blowing your dog dry.
  • Dog hair, chalks & powders do not stick and blow right off.

Washes like a towel, but should be hung to dry to maintain the longevity of the shock cord. A variety of colors and 4 sizes to fit nearly every type of grooming table.

Grooming Towels

Made of high-grade terry cloth towels, form fitted at the neck and secured with hook and loop (like Velcro) at the chest and under the belly. There are two styles, fluted and straight at the croup area. They have many uses, including assisting in making back curl, wave and croup issues lay down, after bath robe to help contain the water when your dog shakes the excess water. They can also be used in place of a cool coat. Embroidery is available for an additional charge. A variety of colors, and 5 sizes to fit your dog.


Have you ever just finished grooming your male, and took him for a quick pee before heading off to the ring and Viola! – he pee’s on his foreleg? Ever had your dogs running through the fields only to come home with burrs, seeds or twigs caught in their foreleg hair fringe? Have you had to clean the snowballs that get caught in your dog’s leg fringe? Leg-Savers will help you with these problems. This garment is worn on the front legs to help keep water, urine, snow, mud, grass, seeds and other debris off your dog’s forelegs. Made of coated, waterproof ripstop, you simply pull the Leg-Saver onto your dog’s leg and use the shock cord and toggle to secure just above the elbow and pastern to provide a comfortable fit. Available in 4 sizes and many colors!


Based on the concept of Mane-Tamers and Robinhoods used in the horse industry, these “Sleezies” are designed to assist in reducing curl in the coat and training the coat to lay flatter. They also help in keeping dirt and debris out of the coat. Can be used like a cool coat. Gives the coat a luxurious and silky feeling without adding heavy conditioners. Available in many colors ~ 3 sizes. When ordering be sure to mention your breed to insure the best fit.

Quick Wrap

Tired of your dog’s belly getting wet when you walk him? Try a Quick Wrap! Now when walking your dog, his belly fringe won’t be urinated on, or for those breeds, which are low to the ground, will stay drier in wet weather. The neckpiece is made of nylon lycra and the belly piece is made of waterproof rip-stop, attaching at the top of the back using hook and loop and elastic. These work on females as well as males. 4 sizes available. All have black neckpieces with the a variety of belly piece colors.

Waterproof Apron

Tired of getting wet when bathing your dog? Dislike those unattractive, heavy vinyl waterproof aprons that are stiff? Looking for an apron to keep hair off your clothes and keep you dry? We have the solution! Our Ripstop Grooming aprons are lightweight, waterproof, adjustable, and move with you when you are bathing and grooming your dog. Available in a variety of attractive colors! Fully adjustable neck and back using Velcro fasteners and sturdy D-rings. Handmade by professional seamstress.