Belly Bands

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Many male dogs “mark” their territory inside the house as well as outside. It is a natural and common thing for them to do. Unlike a diaper, the Belly Band does not fit between the legs, but wraps around the boy’s tummy with extra protection in the important area. Made of a triple thick, soft terry cloth, they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash. The Belly Band has a wide Velcro strip for quick removal when your dog is going outside and it takes only seconds to put back on when your dog comes in.

Now you can have complete confidence in your dog when he is out of your sight. You can feel comfortable while riding in the car or visiting family and friends. Belly Bands help put a stop to additional “doggie odor” and make your dog feel more secure knowing he will not be yelled at or punished.

Answer the following questions – Yes or No:

  • Does your male dog continually lift his leg on your furniture or whatever corner smells good to him?
  • Is he incontinent?
  • Does he keep going to the same spot on your carpet no matter how thoroughly you have cleaned it?
  • Are you embarrassed to take your pet with you when you visit with family and friends because he lifts his leg in their house?
  • Do you need a potty training aid?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then your boy needs a BELLY BAND!

They are also helpful for females who have been spay or other abdominal surgery to keep them from licking and absorb any fluids.

Available Sizes
•X-Large – St. Bernard
•Large – German Shepherd Dog (Brown not available in this size)
•Medium Large – Doberman
•Medium – Border Collie, Corgi
•Short Medium  – Cocker Spaniel
•Small –  Shih Tzu
•Small Narrow – Min Schnauzer
•X-Small – Chihuahua

**Shipping discounts will be applied if you order 2lb Inflight Coat Formula and above with your Belly Band purchases**


Please indicate your breed to insure the best fit.

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X-Small, Small, Small-Narrow, Short Medium, Medium, Medium Large, Large, X-Large


Navy, Green, Cranberry, Brown


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