How long will it take before I see results?

For most dogs, we start to see a slight difference in as soon as 14 days. It starts off with the coat starting to “feel” better and gets better from there on out. If your dog is an indoor dog, you may see a reduction in the amount of hair you collect when sweeping/vacuuming. As you are doing your regular grooming, you may find that it takes less effort to keep the coat clean and less hair collects in the brush. While the product does work for most dogs, we suggest waiting a full 30 days to see if it’s working for your dog. In addition, in some breeds, the coat may or may not look like it’s getting fuller, until you bathe them. We found this to be true with dogs with coats like German Shepherd Dogs and Labradors, where their coat becomes so healthy that the coat actually functions as nature intended, to the point that when bathing, we had to use a little soap to keep the water from bouncing off. When blowing dry, it was then we saw a big difference.