Naked Care

Developed for the harsh conditions in the Texas weather environment, this conditioner is a must for the show enthusiast. This product is the perfect external compliment to the nutritional benefits your dogs derive from using Inflight Coat Formula. Use Naked Care as an after shampoo conditioner, a daily mist conditioner or just to make your dog s coat “feel MOIST. Your dogs will love it and so will you. When your dog is in that time when you’ve taken them off Inflight Coat Formula because they are in their shed, this product will help boost the quality of the coat. The product replaces the shine and luster of your dog’s coat while intensifying colors. You can literally see the volume of the coat “grow” with the FIRST application. Conditioning without softening, Naked Care leaves the texture natural, yet full bodied. There is no residue and the skin is soothed and healthy. Sold as a 1-pint concentrate to save on shipping, or with Inflight Coat Formula as In & Out Specials.