When can I start my puppy on ICF?

This really is dependent upon the breed and what you are planning on doing with your puppy. Using the recommended serving for weight, the product will not harm a puppy.

  • For larger breeds, especially double-coated breed puppies, we usually don’t suggest supplementing puppies until they have their first adult coat in. This is because there is generally that time period about 8-10 months when they are changing out their “adult-puppy” that it can be very difficult to get that dead undercoat out. If they are on the product, it can be even even worse, because it really stays in there. If you’re aware of this situation and understand that there may be additional grooming to get that old coat out, then supplementing puppies while showing them hasn’t been a problem.
  • If your breed is short haired (large or small), or dogs with coats like English Springer Spaniels, the setters, etc., puppies can be started 4-6 months of age, depending on the given ICF to get and keep them in coat while they are campaigned with great success.