Grooming Table Covers

Stop struggling with the towel on your table! Grooming table covers are handmade using high quality Velour Stretch Terry. Secures snugly to the table with elastic and an adjustable toggle, these table top covers make grooming easier for you and your dog!

  • Provides secure footing for your dog whether jumping up or standing on the table.
  • Will not blow off or move while you groom unlike a regular towel. Actually helps secure a regular towel to the table as well.
  • Eliminates blow-back of water from the table back onto your dog while force blowing your dog dry.
  • Dog hair, chalks & powders do not stick and blow right off.

Washes like a towel, but should be hung to dry to maintain the longevity of the shock cord. A variety of colors and 4 sizes to fit nearly every type of grooming table.